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We are honored to be a leading and reliable partner in the field of haulage services in UK

Welcome to our website!

Muzzy Haulage is a family business which runs a modern and mixed range of haulage vehicles from our operating centre in North London, UK. 

We have a strong customer base which we have built through competitive pricing and outstanding customer service.  


Muzzy Haulage is a part of MUZZY GROUP, together with Construction Muzzy Ltd  and CML Plant HireBeing a part of this group of companies allows us to be stronger, and to add a wide range of skills and resources to our offering. 

Mustaf Pnishi 

Our Services

Managing Director

Our Services

Well known for our ability to handle every last detail of our customers,  particular and forwarding needs, Muzzy Haulage's Services team takes care of all your logistics.

Muzzy Haulage Team


Plant Haulage

Muzzy Haulage offers a wide range of vehicles and trailers for all of our haulage and transport service.We are well equipped to move ...


Aggregate Transport

Our customers range from homeowners and small building companies to large-scale developments and civil engineering  companies...


Muck Away

We deal with: Clean inert muck away, Non-hazardous muck away, Hazardous muck away, Concrete and Hardcore, collection and delivery...

Our Fleet

Our Fleet

Muzzy Haulage Ltd is investing to build one of the best and most flexible transport services in England. Together with our professional team of drivers, technicians and administrators, our goal is to provide a new, higher quality of logistics across the region and the whole of the UK.


Artic Lorries

We are here to help you in a wide range of haulage operations such as; Construction, containers, plant moves, specialist move such as machine moves and factory relocation.

Muzzy Haulage Ltd is part of the largest MUZZY GROUP

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  • How can i get a quick quote?
    Just complete our form 'Request a Quick Quote' and we will send you an e-mail within an hour.
  • Do you transport caravans or other large loads?
    Yes! We have a wide range of articulated lorries wich meets the most of your needs.
  • Do you operate only in London?
    Our operating area is mostly around London but we can help you in any place in UK.
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