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5 Things You Didn't Know About Transport & Logistics

Transport and logistics is one of the unsung heroes of any economy. From the London Underground, which was a revelation in 19th century transport, to walking on the moon and flying people and cargoes around the world, our lives simply wouldn’t be the same without this essential sector. Not every job in the industry involves fast trains or high speed planes – there are a range of opportunities that anyone can find their ideal role within. If you’re considering transport and logistics for work then these are 5 things that you may not know about this fascinating sector.

1. The industry is evolving

The world will always need transport and logistics so it’s a fairly reliable choice when it comes to a sector for a long and satisfying career. Consumer goods are at the heart of this enduring popularity – most of us buy constantly wherever we go and it’s the transport and logistics industry that makes it possible for us to do so. Products need to be stored and sorted, transported and received, which means there will always be work for those who want it.

2. This is the biggest industry in the world

In terms of the size of sector, transport and logistics is larger than any other. It’s the foundation for other industries too, from retail to construction. Among the sub-sectors within the transport and logistics industry you’ll find rail, aviation and shipping, as well as warehousing and storage.

3. Exports keep economies going – and the transport industry supports exports

Some of the most popular exports include food, furniture and cars and vans. Thanks to this sector more than 4 billion meals are transported to cafes, pubs and restaurants across the UK every year, for example. Technology is also another very popular export, from home tech to professional equipment.

4. The sector is a great option for graduates – and beyond

There are currently 735,000+ roles available in logistics and transport, aimed at people with a range of different skill sets and ambitions. From working in a port or shipyard to assisting in cutting edge development of space programmes, the spectrum of opportunities is broad. Given the ever-evolving nature of the sector this wealth of choice isn’t likely to change any time soon.

5. It’s also home to lots of different apprenticeships

For those who are looking to start an apprenticeship, no matter what their age or situation, there are lots of opportunities to do so in the transport and logistics sector. Transport and logistics offers access to many different types of apprenticeships across the varied parts of the industry. If you’re looking to undertake an Intermediate apprenticeship this will give you a qualification that is equivalent to GCSEs, an Advanced apprenticeship is equivalent to A-levels and a Higher apprenticeship is equivalent to a foundation degree.

Transport and logistics isn’t just about driving or goods handling there is actually an incredible range of different opportunities within this thriving industry. Plus, it’s a sector that’s never likely to go out of fashion and so is a great option for the future too.

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