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Muck Away

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Muck Away

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New lorries joining our fleet.

Nov 2019

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Mar 2020

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 Why choose us?

Service overview

We deal with: Clean inert muck away, Non-hazardous muck away, Hazardous muck away, Concrete and Hardcore, collection and delivery of all other aggregates that you may need. All Vehicles are 32 tonnes 8 wheel trucks, ensuring a full-load carrying capacity. 


At Muzzy Haulage we have an extensive fleet of grab lorries to help you remove any muck or waste from site so that your project can run efficiently without the need for a skip.


As a convenient and swift way to remove waste and muck, our grab lorries have the capacity to manage large volumes of commercial, domestic and inert waste.  


From a full site clearance, to waste from a dig or site excavation,  we have a range of suitable grab lorries that can support your requirements so that waste and muck is managed quickly and effectively.

Material can be moved using machine loaded tipper lorries or grab lorries, where we can load it ourselves.


For more information on how we can support the muck away and waste removal on your project, please contact our team who will be able to guide you to the capacity of grab lorry you may require.

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